Things To Do In Park City

Popular Activities To Try During Your Vacation In Park City, UT

Discover outdoor adventure paradise in Park City! Here in this beautiful Utah town, visitors come from far and wide to explore the glorious mountain setting and experience Park City's many exciting things to do.

From spledidly scenic hiking and mountain biking trails, to gorgeous golf courses and historic wild west sites, there's something for every adventurer to enjoy in Park City. Read on to discover popular activities and things to do, and be sure to book your stay in Park City at the Grand Love Shack.

Woman Hiking In Park City, UT


From late spring through fall, Park City becomes a hiking haven with its hundreds of miles of trails to explore! Whether you're hiking a trail close to town or ascending out into the neaby mountains, you'll be treated with fresh Utah air and glorious views that, at every angle, are near-guaranteed to take your breath away.


With so many trails fit for so many hiking experience levels, we can't name every trail option for your visit to Park City. However, the folks over at the Park City Chamber of Commerce have put together a great list of five hiking trails with the best nature views. For a longer list of hiking options check out this list of more popular Park City trails.

Park City Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Park City, Utah is one of only a handful of places in the world to be granted Gold-Level status by the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA). Just as with hiking above, there are hundreds of miles (450+) of fantastic trails to ride your bike down in and around Park City. 


Visiting mountain bike riders will love the easy access to Park City's smooth dirt trails that elegantly weave across stunning mountain vistas and through epic aspen groves. If you're visiting Park City for the first time, then check out this article on the five classic trails you need to ride first. You can also browse the IMBA's MTB Project website to look over all available mountain biking trails in the area.

Park City Scenic Drives

Scenic Drives

Here in Park City, there's much more than just physical activities and adventures to enjoy. This area of Utah is home to some of the most spectacular scenic drives in the Southwest US, and you'll find yourself NEEDING to pull over for photo ops along the roads each day out. 


Of the many gorgeous passes and scenic byways around Park City, the two go-to drives would have to be the Mirror Lake Biway and Guardsman Pass. In their own ways, each route provides the epitome of perfect mountain driving splendor. We'd recommend summer and fall drives along these routes for best road and viewing conditions. Head to for more info and directions on each drive, and head to the Park City tourism website for a full list of great local scenic routes.